Red Eclipse
Faction: Sith Empire (although we do have a republic guild called "VVipus Frequentus"
Officers: Zorkesh (GM), Wildstorm and Sadrilil
Type of guild: Mix of Raiding and casual

Wipus Frequentus started it's SWTOR adventure with a group of people formed from the basis of three different guilds: Wipus Frequentus (WoW guild), Servants of the Istari (LotRo kin) and Merged (WoW guild). At the moment we are still online on either the republic or imperial side, although in a somewhat reduced amount because Diablo3 has been released. 

One of our regular activities at the moment is Group Questing Night. Every Tuesday a group of our members meet up and start questing together. The characters are only played on these nights and it will takes us about 4-5 sessions to finish a planet. While questing there is of course the usual goofing off on ventrilo. A log of our exploits is being kept on the forums by Ravbek and you can also find movies of some of the nights on his youtube channel.
We expect to keep playing this game for the foreseeable future though and we welcome new members (apply here)!

Wipus in action in SWTOR