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25ounce prime Wipus-steak medium rare/well done!

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:17 by Wipus Frequentus
The rumours about our alleged unpreparedness were incited earlier this spring by a certain villain residing in the penthouse of a somewhat poorly lit building for worshipping.

The cesspool known as “Black Temple” aka “Temple of Love” aka “Shirley Temple” had been under surveillance for quite some time, and many a successful raids were performed on the lower ranked suspects; providing much vital information and yielding much contraband to be taken into safekeeping at Wipus HQ. Mobsters such as Buttboil and Timmy-Threeface were harder to crack down, as they were bringing cheaper tricks to the table. However, after some painstaking interrogation the location for the head honcho was reviled; cleverly located behind the local brothel aka “The den of mortal delights.” The Den with its many alluring temptresses proved to be quite a challenge to resist for certain individuals, but the prospect of getting down and dirty with the brothel Mother aka The Bitch herself led the squad forward.

Knowing what to expect from this harsh mistress, the task force had done their homework and the situation went down in the logbook as “Bitch Slapped” (although some of the squad goons still refer to it as the “Donkey Punch”).

It was now time to bust the case wide open and take down the league’s most trusted advisors. This quartet of criminals was in the business simply known as The Council; nothing more than bells and whistles though, because after a swift showdown, known to the history as “the superbowl of not standing in things”, the squad now had access to the penthouse.

Having dealt with the shady character’s henchmen on numerous occasions, it was finally time to bust Mr. Big Shot himself. They’d been bested by this ruffian on previous encounters, but the wipers were more prepared (heh) than ever! Some old grunts were brought in from their leave of absence to show the new brass the ropes.

The local heroes did as they’d been drilled to do during boot camp, and to quote one of the brave souls when the later stages were imminent “everything stays the same, it just gets harder!” And suddenly it was all over. The blind megalomaniac went down in a blaze of fire and metal. The Betrayer was no more.

The spectators of the incident later referred to the scene as “poetry in motion.” To the participants it was just another day on the job.

Wipus Frequentus were indeed prepared, Well Done infact!

R.I.P Illidan Stormrage!

Big grats to Hammerhorn for the shield, Narcissa for the staff and chest, awell as Rho and Aralith for chests! Well deserved!

The squad: Warlocks: Aralith, Mamoulian (OT), Eupherisen Priests: Bloodycherry, Fluvius, Sedona, Geddim (SP) Warriors: Doomsteak, Grouhl, Hammerhorn (MT), Psytale (OT) Druids: Kaeln (OT), Zorrander, Shasur Paladin: Lilien, Brint Shamans: Urza, Malificarum, Strangepork (elemental), Baax (enhance), Mages: Narcissa, Rho, Nells Hunter: Redfang Rogue: Sedated