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Archimonde is no more!

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:07 by Wipus Frequentus
The scene was set. We were all actors in a cruel replay of Warcraft III's last mission. The villain: Archimonde, the darkest of the eredar. The unsuspecting heroes: 25 brave wipers. And wiped they had! But no more!

The smell of singed doomfire-steak and crispy-yet-strange-pork was still lingering the Summit of Mount Hyjal from previous attempts. The fields were still marked with orc-shaped craters. Bringing with them the lethalness of the fine French taunting, the terrible Dutch temper, British superialism, German order, a dose of Scandinavian randomness, all firmly leashed by the High Warlord himself, this raid would have no more nonsense.

With literally no fear, Dreama brought it on, and promptly declared himself "King of the Log" (The log may or may not have been the corpse of Zorrander from a previous attempts). Archimonde was shocked by this show of log-hogging, and swiftly began to contest Dreama for his posistion. Meanwhile the Steak himself and the dynamic rogue duo merrily started chopping away at his legs, whilst the spellslinging mass of people spread out, leaving trails of fire in their wake.

Realising that the 25 were up to no good, the villain brought on more tricks from his repertoire, but simple fears were no match for the 5 shamans and their trusty Tremor Totems. The battle raged on! Futile attempts of cursing and throwing people in the air ensued. The High Warlord was in the zone now. It was inevitable. Realising that his focus had been distracted, Archimonde desperately tried to finish his job of bringing down the world tree. But too late.

"I fart in your general direction" Eupherisen frenchly said, and then it was all over.

Grats to Genj and Chrynis for T6 helms, Redfang for pewpew bow and Bloodcherry for offhand!