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Egg on Face

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:10 by Wipus Frequentus
After a confident MH one-night clear on Wednesday, and an even more impressive 5/9 on Thursday, it was time for some good ol' fashion face-slapping!

Things were looking grim around raid start, with several people stuck in queue, missed busses, exploded routers and whatnot. Reinforcement were called in, and our eminent head-chicken Zorr got into his true form. However, more obstacles stood between us and a frontpage update; disconnects on trash, server lag, buggy phase 1 enragers, spirit shocks and more! As flask timers were running out, things were looking grim, but we went for one last try before taking a break.

Phase 1 went smoother than ever, The Steak and the Troll were called in to assist on interrupting, and suddenly phase 2 was over. With only one previous attemt on p3, we were all a bit "ok..what now?." But with Hammer himself building threat like no-tomorrow in record (Stop! Hammer)time, it was clear that we could go balls to the walls DPS without looking back! A few nervewrecking seconds later, most us were eating the floor, but so was Reliquary of Souls!

Well done all! Grats to Kaeln and Bloody for phat epix!

(The skeletons on the killshot are clearly photoshopped btw!)

It's time to say hi to Mother :)