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Excursion into the Firelands

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:49 by Wipus Frequentus

Wipus is back from it's hiatus and has once again begun exploring new and exciting locations. Recently the entry into the firelands has been discovered and the Avengers of Hyal need our help to defeat Ragnaros on his home turf. 

Seeing we've bested Ragnarons once before in Molten Core they contacted us and requested our assistance. Unfortunately for  the Avengers we're pretty busy at the moment and we are unable to promise more than one incursion per week into the firelands.  Last week planned a scouting session and most of us felt right at home in the firelands. It looked just like the Molten Core, except for the lack of a ceiling. The molten giants lords immediately felt the result of this familiarity. The corehounds still aren't being looted. 

After working our way through groups of lesser enemies we found out that we were not unobserved, a horn sounded in the distance. We immediately left the middle field and worked our way round the edges. We encountered a big spider. After fighting her to a standstill we decided to regroup and come back next week.

One week later, yesterday, we once again entered the firelands. Clearing our way to the big spider again took hardly any time. Once there we quickly engaged her and withdrew a couple of times to test her defenses and tactics. When we felt comfortable we decided to engage her for real and she quickly fell to our combined might and prowess.

We regrouped and moved back to the center of the field and cleared some more mobs intending to gain the attention of the person blowing the horn. It didn't take long for us to be noticed and a flamewaker with two hounds moved towards us. Like last week, we engaged the new boss a couple of times and then called it for the night. 

We will return next week!