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Server transfers? Input wanted

posted 25 Jun 2012, 23:41 by Wipus Frequentus

Well, as most of you have already noticed Magtheridon hasn't been the epic centre of attention recently. A lot of this was due to the summer break but the exodus had already started when most of the "hardcore" horde guilds left Magtheridon. Now with the new looking for group tool this wasn't such a big deal, but lately it's been REALLY empty. Some of you have told me that you feel the massive from the MMO term is missing. I have to say, I can't disagree.


In the past Blizzard usually has sorted stuff like this out with server transfers, from or to a particular server. These Realm Migrations are time limited and it seems like a smart plan to discuss what we want to do in advance. I see a couple of options: 


  1. Blizzard will merge our server with another server. This would cause our levels to go up again and basically has us not move. Except for having to deal with more alliance and world pvp this scenario has no drawbacks.
  2. Blizzard will give us the option to migrate to a different server. Quite often they give multiple servers to transfer to. I'm not sure but I think sometimes both PVP and PVE servers are an option. This would give us the following two scenario's.
    1. PVP server: If we transfer to this we would have more world pvp since the balance on the destination realm can't be any worse than maggy is. This would mean more world pvp and ganking. 
    2. PVE server: This would mean no more world PVP period and the only pvp we'd see is instanced/battleground.
I think these are the only possible scenario's. Suffice it to say that I, personally, am not moving if it's not a free transfer, way too many alts ;)
I made a poll asking for your opinions, please feel free to discuss this in the comments.