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Wipus' First Week of Raiding

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:44 by Wipus Frequentus

A new year has dawned and another raiding season has started. Everyone took their time enjoying the newness of the expansion and levelled up at their own pace. After a couple of weeks doing heroics the raiding fever started to itch again. It had been a while since Wipus has raided for real and people started missing it. 

So after a practise run killing the new loot pinata in Baradin Hold and some tries on magmaw without reading up on it on sunday January 2nd we started raiding for real. 

Wednesday was our first scheduled raid and Wipus instantly proved it's worth. Magmaw went down on the first attempt of the evening. He got his head spiked and the wipers swarmed over him and went to town. As a "reward" he dropped a couple of mail items. Our only Shaman in the raid didn't complain and gracefully accepted the loot.


In true Wipus fashion we wiped a couple of times on the following trash pack. After a bit of ressing we were in front of the Omnitron Defense Council. As council fights go they were pushovers. The core of our wipers are still having nightmares from the Black Temple Council. Most of the fight was like any other council fight: Shared health, do not stand in stuff. There was one important added gimmick: STOP DPS. Blizzard is aware that assisting and nuking the correct target is hard, so they implemented an ability to force dps to switch. Yes, we wiped abit before we learned to stop dps ;) After a decent amount of tries though, they died and Wipus had cleared their second "real" boss of the expansion.



Since it was almost 11pm. we went to Baradin Hold and took a shot at the Pinata again. Free loot was ours once more.

Thursday we returned to Blackwing Descent and after having our tanks sacrifice themselves on trash, we stood in front of Maloriak. A weird looking creature with a big cauldron behind him greeted us. We made awesome progress and at the end of the evening our best attempt was a 1% wipe. We vowed to return on sunday and kill him. And that was exactly what happened. After figuring out we needed a bit more dps we had one of our healers spec dps and that did the trick, only 2 or 3 more wipes and Maloriak was down. 


The raid had one hour left to go and went to pay Stevie Wonder a courtesy visit. Some great attempts were had but none succeeded completely. We will return to him next reset and get to know him a bit better.

The result of our first full raid week was 3 first kills and another shot at the loot pinata. I can safely say that the first raid reset of the new year and the expansion was a success. Let's make sure we get more!