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Wipus Frequentus goes Old School !

posted 25 Jun 2012, 23:42 by Wipus Frequentus

After being stuck on hydross for a while it was decided to just go lurker and have free loot. Upon logging and forming the raid there was a distinct lack of one class: Paladins. Deciding this can only be a good thing the officers told people to move to hydross. We would give him a shot. As a healer I had fun seeing people relearn their threat management all over again, no more easy mode. The lack of paladins allowed us to bring some more warlocks so we did have easy mode after all. After explaining the fight to the new recruits, we had a couple of goes and got it down to 1%. This was the WIPUS WAY. Wipe at 1%. Seeing it was doable with the group setup we had we kept on going and as the trash was respawning in 20seconds we finally got hydross down. Of course Blizzard had to congratulate us for doing Hydross the HORDE way without paladins by giving us plate healing loot. It was the Blizzard we all love. Our Fieldmarshal Grind got some sweet new tanking trinket so we were happy anyway.

After the hydross kill restored the morale and finally taught people that aggro management is something they can do themselves and doesn’t depend on paladins, we went lurker.

After the obligatory wipe on lurker, I jinxed it by saying we would one shot it, we killed him as well.

So after killing both hydross and lurker on the same night I guess it’s time for some new boss again.

Morogrim here we come ??

Ps. here’s a ss from our first hydross kill (couple of weeks ago, yes I was slacking).