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Wipus is preparing for Star Wars: The Old Republic

posted 26 Jun 2012, 00:50 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 26 Jun 2012, 00:51 ]

With the release date around the corner, Wipus is preparing for the release of this highly anticipated game. A possible new website is being designed because the current host is very WoW centric and this likely won't change anytime soon. (don't worry, the forums won't change). 

In March we created the guild on and since then we've been steadily gathering members. The members of the LOTRO guild "Servants of the Istari" will join us on the empire side. At the moment we have 36 members of which most have pre-ordered the game as well. We are still accepting applications from people, so if you're interested feel free to go to Wipus on the Bioware page and apply!

Not too long ago the second phase of the Guild Headquarters programm on started in which we could gather allied guilds. We have been approached by the guild Supercool Cantina and we've accepted their Ally request. So we have gotten our first ally on the server!

As you can read, the preparations for this, hopefully, awesome game are in full swing and as soon as we have more to tell you we will.