Onwards to Blackrock Foundry (and still looking for some new members)

posted 11 Feb 2015, 06:08 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 11 Feb 2015, 06:11 ]

Our return to Draenor has been glorious; Wipus Frequentus turned a respectable 8 years old, Highmaul got cleared on normal and almost on heroic and we have raiding happening on both sides of the faction divide. 

What can we expect in the near future? Blackrock foundry has opened up last week and both the alliance (Merged - Aggramar)  and horde (Wipus Frequentus - Magtheridon) guilds have killed the first few bosses. We are also expanding our presence in Heroes of the Storm as we have guild groups playing almost every nights. 

We are still looking for players for both the alliance and horde guilds and extra people for Heroes of the Storm are also welcome. Why not apply?

Here are some videos of our recent activities:

We're back home on Draenor, come join us!

posted 12 Jan 2015, 07:17 by Wipus Frequentus

It's been a while since this frontpage has been updated, we have been busy though. After playing a lot other games, we are back at where it all began; World of Warcraft. Almost 8 years ago (on February 2nd) we formed Wipus Frequentus to conquer the exploded world of Draenor, and after a lot of getting sidetracked we've come home. In these past years we've met some awesome new people for whom Wipus also became a second home.

The Youtube Channel WipusGaming has become more active as well and now contains even some bosskills from our previous experiences on Draenor. We'll be uploading regular videos of our exploits in WoW or any other game. Have a look, you might find something worth watching.

One more thing is back to normal: Recruiting. As we're raiding again, we are also looking for more people to come and enjoy those boss kills with us. Our focus is to have a casual raid setting but with a drive to progress. We are looking for people to accompany us on our journey through the normal and heroic versions of the Warlords of Draenor. Wipus has two guilds from which we are raiding, a horde guild (Wipus Frequentus on Magtheridon EU) and an alliance guild (Merged on Aggrammar EU). Both are welcoming new players.

Wipus Frequentus (Horde) is raiding on Sundays and Thursdays from 20:00 to 23:00 server time and Merged raids on Mondays from 20:00 - 23:00 server time. We are both looking for dps and Wipus is also looking for a healer.

If you are interested feel free to apply on the site or just whisper some of the members on either faction.

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We are recruiting for Wildstar!

posted 12 May 2013, 02:53 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 15 May 2013, 23:57 ]

Wipus Frequentus is recruiting for Wildstar. We are looking for active individuals and groups of players to join our community.

Guild in brief...
Play Style: PvE. PvP. Hard Modes. Casual (2-3 Nights).
Social Groupings: Fun Gamers. Knowledgeable. Mature. Social. Experienced Gamers.
Time Zone: EU

Guild in detail...
Wipus Frequentus is an online community, whose gaming is spread across a multitude of games and genres. However, while we may like to participate in a range of titles we do tend to be drawn together in MMOs for PvE and PvP activities as a guild/clan.
Wipus as a guild has been going for over 8 years, but many of our members have been gaming together for longer, we have all types of gamer within Wipus, some players enjoy the more competitive ranked PvP elements of games while others enjoy grouping together to complete end game PvE content or to quest together while leveling new alts.
Wipus considers itself a casual guild these days, one that still clears content, just not at the hardcore speed some of our members have played at in the past, so while we generally pride ourselves as good gamers our ethos is aimed towards having a fun, mature, and relaxed gaming environment to play games and socialize in, be that on vent or through the forums and of course in game.
Currently we are eagerly awaiting the release of Wildstar and after its release I suspect we will be spending a lot of time there. Meanwhile we are playing other titles including, Neverwinter, GW2, Defiance and Loll. We also have an ongoing Terraria multiplayer server and recently we set up a Steam community.

If you are interested in joining us, whatever game you are playing, just click here.

We hope to see you soon in-game!

Congratulations are in order!

posted 1 Nov 2012, 10:18 by Wipus Frequentus

We have a couple of guildies that we would like to congratulate with their accomplishments. 

In the most recent World of Warcraft expansion "Mists of Pandaria" our guild members have valiantly defeated the first 2 raid bosses in the Mogu'shan Vaults. Unfortunately, since most of them are turning into old people (29 years and a couple of days at least) they forgot to take the obligatory pictures of the loot pinata's. 

The second "group" of guild members we want to congratulate are two people that had the insanity to complete the "Mad King's Clock Tower" jumping puzzle that was available during the Halloween event in Guild Wars 2. Congratulations Drac and Rav on your accomplishment.
They at least were sharp enough to take a picture :)

Guild Update

posted 16 Oct 2012, 00:44 by Wipus Frequentus

It's time to post another update on what the guild has been doing the last couple of weeks. 

As you can see on the front page we have been actively playing Guild Wars 2. We have a decent sized guild in the game and we have a couple of dedicated guild nights in which we explore the different sides of the game, WvW, sPvP and PvE. Gunnar's Hold is still our base of operations and if you are looking for a place to call home, feel free to join us.

The latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, has been live for approximately 3 weeks and some of our members have returnd to the world of Azeroth to explore the new continent, new class, new heroics and of course WoW-Pokemon pet battles. We have migrated to the realm of Aggramar and joined the guild "Merged" since most of our members that went back to WoW came from them. (They joined us at the start of SWTOR). If you want to join us in WoW, just whisper a member of Merged and they can point you in the right direction.

We hope to have another update soon for you, but if you want to know more, just visit our forums or contact us in-game.

Hope to see you soon!

Guild Wars 2: Group Questing Revisited

posted 22 Sept 2012, 01:43 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 17 Mar 2014, 09:46 ]

In Star Wars: The Old Republic we had fun exploring and questing as a large group but we had some issues with the tagging of mobs, splitting up in groups etc. In Guild Wars 2 grouping isn't neccesary since everyone is working together, no tagging, kill stealing or ninja-ing that ore vein. This is why we decided to reintroduce the group questing and plan to do this once a week. 

2 weeks ago was our first attempt and it was fun. The upscaling of the events because there were quite a few of us gave us some hillarious moments. Due to the wonders of modern technology (Fraps ;)) you can watch us have fun! 

Come join us in next weeks fun and apply to Wipus, you won't regret it!

Guild Wars 2: 2 new movies

posted 17 Sept 2012, 10:26 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 17 Mar 2014, 09:49 ]

Hello again, we have to new movies for you to enjoy. 

The first one is the second in our attempt to capture all the endzone bosses. This one is the well known Shadow Behemothin Queensdale. 

The second movie is a crypt we found and just had to explore with a guild group. At the end of the trap filled crypt we had to slay an evil spider before we could grab our loot.

If these movies seemed like fun, why not come and play Guild Wars 2 together with us. We are still looking for some more members to increase our ability to have fun in this game!

Guild Wars 2: Sylvari Great Jungle Worm

posted 5 Sept 2012, 11:15 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 17 Mar 2014, 09:50 ]

In a new series we will be showing you the full event chains leading up to the zone bosses. In this first episode we take a look at how the NPC Gamarien needs your help in fighting the evil in the Wychmire Swamp.


Guild Wars 2 Head start has begun!

posted 25 Aug 2012, 00:15 by Wipus Frequentus

The day has finally arrived, as of today the world of Tyria has been opened for us to explore and enjoy.

Wipus Frequentus can be found on the homeworld of "Gunnar's Hold". Come and say hi!

New YouTube channel

posted 13 Aug 2012, 13:20 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 17 Mar 2014, 09:52 ]

Due to some issues with our previous YouTube channel we have had to create a new one. You can now find us at: www.youtube.com/wipusgaming

Our first movie has been uploaded and we will do our best to provide you with more regular and diverse content. In it you can see one of our members have some fun with an engineer in structured pvp in ArenaNet's upcoming game Guild Wars 2.

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