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Guild Wars 2: Group Questing Revisited

posted 22 Sept 2012, 01:43 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 17 Mar 2014, 09:46 ]
In Star Wars: The Old Republic we had fun exploring and questing as a large group but we had some issues with the tagging of mobs, splitting up in groups etc. In Guild Wars 2 grouping isn't neccesary since everyone is working together, no tagging, kill stealing or ninja-ing that ore vein. This is why we decided to reintroduce the group questing and plan to do this once a week. 

2 weeks ago was our first attempt and it was fun. The upscaling of the events because there were quite a few of us gave us some hillarious moments. Due to the wonders of modern technology (Fraps ;)) you can watch us have fun! 

Come join us in next weeks fun and apply to Wipus, you won't regret it!