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SWTOR: The creation of Mega Servers

posted 13 Jun 2012, 23:11 by Wipus Frequentus
As day two of the server transfers has finished it is  starting to look more and more like Bioware is implementing their vision of mega servers for swtor.


The reason this assumption is the fact that for Europe there is only one server per server type and language designated as a destination realm at the moment. This means that until now "Red Eclipse", our server, is the only destination for people from other English PVE realms. This is comparable to the situation in the USA where they have two destination servers per type per coast as they have no language separation.


With almost half of the servers having been opened up for transfers in two days we can only expect them to round off the rest of the migrations before the weekend. And we will need to see if they open up a new destination realm today for those remaining servers.


If you have just transferred to the"Red Eclipse" and are looking for a server have a look around on the website and think about joining us. You can apply here.


Our plans of world domination have just gotten a big boost with the creation of the "Red Eclipse" mega server!