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WGN #11: Keeping track of developers and more patches!

posted 28 Jun 2012, 08:59 by Wipus Frequentus
Welcome to another installment of the (daily) gaming news, let's get to it.


Want to keep up to date with twitter posts from your favourite mmo developers? There is no more reason not to, you don't even need a twitter account . At Devspy they have made an aggregate twitter feed from quite a few bigger mmo's. It even saves your selection. Why not have a look?


Patch 1.0.3b has been delayed but they still intend to fix the droprates of items in act 3 and 4 in Inferno mode. A hotfix is supposed to take care of it. This hotfix will be applied during rolling restarts tomorrow. Happy farming this weekend!


After some really unclear information from Bioware about a possible patch, they eventually decided to deploy it today afterall. The patch fixes 2 bugs related to the new group finder introduced this week. It also fixed a bug in pvp concerning knock backs.


And last but definitely not least: Guild Wars 2 has a release date! On August 28th the game goes live. Only two months of longing left! (a separate post will be created later today with all the relevant info)

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