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WGN #14: Free SWTOR loot for being on the Red Eclipse and LoL champion Jayce has been unveiled

posted 5 Jul 2012, 13:21 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 6 Jul 2012, 08:04 ]
In a move to entice people to take advantage of the free character transfers, Bioware is handing out rewards. You can earn an ingame pet and 25 blackhole commendations for each character that is on a destination server by July 31st and has an active subscription.  In our case, since we're already on the Red Eclipse we will get our rewards without having to do anything. The rewards will be sent to your ingame mailbox by  August 7.


Every time a game is getting close to release the question rises: "can I use my beta client for live?". For Guild Wars 2 the answer is yes. According to a question answered on twitter we shouldn't get rid of our client just yet since we'll be using it for the third (and final) beta weekend and we'll be using it for the live version of the game. Why isn't it the 25th of August already?


The abilities for the new champion in the League of Legends have been revealed. Jayce , the defender of tomorrow can change his weapon to a short range hammer or a long ranged cannon. Switching between the two is the trick to playing Jayce. Shifting your weapon also changes the rest of your abilities giving you lots and lots op options.

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