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WGN #17: Free stuff edition for Blacklight: Retribution and Guild Wars 2

posted 9 Jul 2012, 10:17 by Wipus Frequentus
Welcome to another episode of the Wipus Gaming News. Unfortunately there is not much news today, but we try to make up for it by giving you free stuff. Enjoy!


Blacklight: Retribrution is a free to play game and as a result has a store for micro transactions. If you go to this link and enter the following code "98WRE68", you will receive a voice pack from the SeaNanners. Credits for this find go to Reddit.


We can't keep talking about Guild Wars 2 but that's only because ArenaNet keeps giving us juicy information. Today they announced that the Sylvari and Asura will be playable in the final beta weekend from July 20-22. Their respective starting areas are also available. 

If you are still undecided but want to give it a go, Curse is giving away 20.000 beta keys tomorrow from their site. Read this post for more information.

We hope to see you tomorrow, for another episode of the WGN.

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