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WGN #25: Guild Wars 2 and End of Nations beta weekends

posted 20 Jul 2012, 08:56 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 20 Jul 2012, 09:06 ]
Today is the day. Today the final beta event for Guild Wars 2 is happening, but more importantly it is also the day, for the  lucky few among us, of the End of Nations closed beta event. I kid of course ;)


Today ArenaNet released the Asura cinematic and they also promised to release the Sylvari one today. We will of course be able to see it for ourselves ingame tonight anyway.


They also gave us some important news regarding this beta. They reiterated that buying gems this beta will be for real money but that you will get the gems once more when the game goes live. Paypal now also is a payment option.


World transfers will be free till tomorrow around 03:00 am July 22nd. After that time the transfers will cost gems. They also told us that the price of a transfer is dependant on the population level of a realm, with lower costs associated to lower populated realms. If it will stay like this for live, then they have an interesting extra mechanic in making sure the population spreads out over all servers. Here are the prices for this weekend.


  • 1800 gems to transfer to a high population world 
  • 1000 gems to transfer to a medium population world 
  • 500 gems to transfer to a low population world

 There also  was a smallish patch of about 50MB today again, so if you read this before the beta starts, just start your client and be ready to go for when the servers open.


This is the Wipus Gaming News for today, we hope to see all of you soon in Tyria!


If you want to join Wipus Frequentus we can be found on Vabbi. Just whisper any of us ingame and we'll sort you out. 

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