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WGN #29: Buffs and Nerfs for League of Legends and 2 MMO's to try out this weekend

posted 30 Jul 2012, 11:09 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 31 Jul 2012, 00:10 ]
A new episode of the Wipus Gaming News. The show that gives you your daily fix of gaming news.

Welcome to the daily episode of the Wipus Gaming news for the 30th of July, my name is Zorkesh and i will quickly guide you through the most recent news and interesting trivia about the games we like to play. 


Today we will talk about Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, End of Nations and the Secret World.


Riot Games released two posts the last couple of days that I would like to talk about. The firstone gives us some more information about their upcoming champion Diana. In the post they tell us that Diana has AOE and defensive abilities that make her an effective jungler. Her curved "Crescent Strike' is intended to allow for great skill shots. Let's hope Riot games is right and Diana will be a fun champion to play..


The second post by Riot is a preview of their early august patch. In it they explain why they will be buffing or nerfing certain champions. Rumble, is doing too much damage after a fix to one of his abilities in the most recent patch, this buffed him too much so his damage will be reduced to bring him back in line. The changes to Urgot will be reverted as they changed his intended role too much. Finally Cho'gath is getting some casting time reduction buffs, plus some of his spell effects will scale with his increase in size. There will of course be more slight changes, but those can be viewed in the patch notes once the patch has been released.

Reddit sometimes has great posts, an example of one of those is a post made by Theo95aa. If you were looking for a nice collection of usefull Guild Wars pages, you might want to take a look at it. He did all the work and even categorized the links to a multitude of sites and it is definitely worth a bookmark.

End of Nations, a massively online real time strategy game,  has their next beta event starting this Friday. They are still allowing you to sign up for it. TotalBiscuit had a match with some of the developers recently and the game is looking to be really fun. If you haven't got plans for this weekend, why not give it a shot.

The beta event for End of Nations isn't the only game clamoring for your attention this weekend. The Secret World has been live for a month now and to celebrate they are allowing everyone to play this weekend for free. From Friday till Monday you will be able to experience the game for yourself, check out the new content patch that gets released tomorrow and enter contests to win in-game prizes. If you were curious about this game, now is a perfect opportunity to take a look.

This was the wipus gaming news for July 30th. We hope you enjoyed it and feel free to leave a comment below or on our forums. You can find them at www.wipus.net.


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