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WGN #7: Diablo 3 tidbits and the world of Tyria

posted 24 Jun 2012, 10:16 by Wipus Frequentus
Apparently developers are not working on a sunday, this is why we only have a couple of quick links for you today.

Blizzard announced patch 1.0.3a for diablo 3 which is intended to fix some critical issues before patch 1.0.4. If you are running around in inferno at the moment and you are looking for the best items, you might be able to use this handy page. It has a list of all the maximum stat values per item type. It will allow you to plan your gear set to go for that inferno diablo kill.   Someone else  made a map of the diablo 3 zones and how they are linked. This might be helpful if you are hunting for certain random events since they are included in the map.


We've seen one example of why people think the GuildWars 2 world Tyria is great looking, today we have another. CareEmm, a Youtube user has posted a new video in which he points some of the little things that make Tyria an immersive experience. If you have some spare time you should take a look at the rest of the videos he's uploaded, you'll probably appreciate the game and graphics more because of it.


And a special link for Wildstorm, enjoy!

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