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Wipus Frequentus and going forward

posted 24 May 2012, 04:22 by Wipus Frequentus   [ updated 30 May 2012, 01:17 ]
The last couple of weeks have seen some changes to the goal of the guild, I thought I would give a small recap of the change and the result.

As most of us have noticed, the way we play games has changed compared to when WoW was released. No longer are repetitive and frustrating game mechanics enough to keep our attention. With the help of the abundance of fan sites all over the web, we speed through content at a pace unreachable a couple of years back. And of course we have been training our raiding skills multiple times a week for the past 7+ years. All these factors contribute to make us lose interest in an MMORPG earlier than in the past.

This was especially noticeable in SWTOR, we breezed through the content and the only thing holding us back in clearing all the content at the start were the numerous bugs in the raids. The game is still enjoyable but it's not like when we started playing WoW and one game was enough to keep us entertained 24/7. 

Add to the list of reasons a number of awesome upcoming games that members want to play and put their teeth in, and we can only reach one conclusion: we need to diversify. 

This is exactly what we have been working towards:
  • We have a new website that is no longer focussed on one game
  • The forums have been restructured to show a similar shift of focus and to stimulate the discussion of multiple games
  • Even ventrilo has gotten new channels to allow people to group up for the game they wish to play
Now to reach the goal of always having guild members to play with for the game that YOU want to play, we will need more members. So if you have friends and they would like to be a part of this community of fun-loving and avid gamers please point them to this website! We are working on a recruitment policy and template, but for now just inform either Wildstorm or myself and we will take care of the administrative chores. 

If any of you have suggestions or would love to help in some way, please post on the forums! 

Let's make this happen!
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